Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why I'm Excited for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has been highly anticipated by all Disney fans! It promises the whimsy of a classic Disney attraction along with a new venue for mild thrill seekers! The Mine Train we've all been anxiously awaiting is almost ready for business! On our recent Disney trips, we've taken a "peek" at the great progress the Imagineers have been making.

Or maybe on our more recent trips, we've seen the mine train running with nary a guest!

We long to be on that bumpy train, to visit our favorite friends while seeing them do what they do best- mine for glittering gems!

Well, folks, the time is almost here!
May 28th 
is the OFFICIAL date set for the grand opening of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train to the public!
In fact, we know this because Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Staggs told us so at a special press event at the Magic Kingdom!

The reason why I'm so excited for this ride is because there is simply no other like it! The mix of thrill ride and classic Disney dark ride is just amazing. The rickety little train carts rock back and forth, as though you are going to mine some gems just as the dwarfs do! These trains wind around, and up and down the mountain to add to the excitement!

Plus, the train slows down at some points so you can take in the magical animatronics! It is seriously amazing what these Imagineers can do! These aren't your ordinary animatronics. Oh no! You can see their facial expressions changing- the same type of technology was used in the animatronics at Enchanted Tales with Belle!

AND there is an interactive queue! It is sure to please the kiddos and kids at heart during the wait.

 From what we have seen and heard, this ride is going to be worth the wait! On my next trip to the World, I'll be sure to take some pictures for an in-depth review. For now, I'll be humming "Hi Ho..."

A Million Diamonds Shining, 
*The Pixie Dust Princess*

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