Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disney Snacks: EPCOT

I've saved EPCOT for the last destination in my Disney Snacks series. It is my favorite place for snacking in the "world." First of all, we have Future World which does offer pretty good snack items. However, the real star of EPCOT when it comes to snacking is World Showcase! Just so you know, I am more of a sweet than savory type of snacker, so if this post seems heavy on the sweet treats, that's why! :) Here are a few of my favorite snacks in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow!

-Future World-
Basically, you've got to head to Sunshine Seasons in the Land because it is pure snacking paradise. Also, I could probably eat each meal there, too, but I digress... ;)

Strawberry Shortcake
Sunshine Seasons
This is a classic dessert that delivers in flavor. The moist cake is so good. But with plenty of juicy strawberries and cream? It is even better.

Key Lime Tart
Sunshine Seasons
Key lime pie is one of my all time favorite desserts. They place the thick, tangy pie filling in a circular graham cracker crust and top it with meringue. All together, you've got a tart and sweet treat.  

White Chocolate Mocha Frap
Fountainview Starbucks
Many of us are very thankful that Starbucks is available in Disney Parks now. This is my personal favorite frap-it's so creamy and so refreshing on a hot day at the parks. It is incredibly sweet though, so be prepared for a SUGAR RUSH (and slight kick of caffeine) if you order this. 

-World Showcase-
I'm only going to pick a select few snacks here, but I could definitely do a whole post on snacking around the world. If you're interested in that, leave a comment or tweet me at @princessofpd!

Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream
Joy of Tea, China
I've only ever had this ice cream at Nine Dragons, but you can also get it at Joy of Tea. Next trip, I will be sure to pick up this refreshing, sweet treat here so I can take it to go. This snack kiosk also offers a good variety of rolls, buns and pockets.

Empanada de Queso
La Cantina de San Angel, Mexico
At this Mexican  counter service restaurant, I like to share these with my party. They are rich, delicious and filling. Oh, and cheesy. I love cheese.

Viking Chocolate Mousse AND School Bread
Kringla Bakery Og Kafe, Norway
Basically, everything I've ever tasted at this bakery is divine and everything I've ever seen be enjoyed by other guests looks amazing. You need to stop here for one of my favorites, or maybe you'll find your own! 

Bisque De Homard
Les Halles Bakery, France
I can definitely say with all of my heart that this is my favorite place to snack in EPCOT, maybe even in all of Disney World! Of course, the desserts here are all fabulous (accordiong to moi!), but this lobster bisque is so creamy and rich. Definitely a favorite. 

Black Forest Cake
Sommerfest, Germany
This is a rich chocolate-cherry cake that is super popular in Germany. It is also popular with me ;) I also can't wait to try the Nudel Gratin from here- have any of you tried it? 

Happy Snacking!
The Pixie Dust Princess

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