Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Pixie Dust Princess Dines: Be Our Guest!

Let me introduce you to Be Our Guest. It is my favorite place to dine in the Magic Kingdom currently. I've been there for lunch not once, but twice! I love saying that :) Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie and this restaurant does it justice for SURE! 

Breathtaking view, right? There is a restaurant in there, too, if you can believe it! Wahoo! Picturesque scenery & FOOD. See those lanterns? They are the marking posts of a long wait to come. However, the two times I've visited, the wait has not been unbearable at all!

A better look at the castle. Oh Beast, where are you?! Come out, come out, wherever you are! You seem pretty friendly, and furry! :0)

Sad or happy gargoyle? I think he is just shy. 

Once inside, you wait some more, but you are greeted by friendly knights of shining armor and fancy screens that display your lunch options! 

My favorite part: dessert.

There are then kiosks available where you order with a real life Cast Member! (Side note: it is REALLY easy to change your order around a bit- you don't want b├ęchamel on your Croque Monsieur? No worries- that is totally possible!) You are almost on your way to eating lunch! Once you are handed a red rose (for magical location purposes) you can fill up your own cups and get utensils. Then find a seat and you will be served via a cast member with a nifty cart (they showcase your food- so cool). 

Do you see the beauty and attention to detail on the ceiling of the main ballroom alone?! Ah Disney Imagineering, how I love you! Not pictured are the library (where I ate my first visit) and the West Wing (which I personally find to be too dark and loud to eat peacefully). All three options are great, though, and there is PLENTY of seating. 

Now, for the main order of business- THE FOOD! This vegetable quiche I did not try, but the party member who did enjoy this loved it! A great healthier, lighter option. Still super filling, though!

Ok, this is the STAR  in my mind. This Braised Pork was tender, juicy, and overall super flavorful. This filled me for the WHOLE day! It has mixed veggies and mashed potatoes on the side. I want it right now. SO good. (Sidenote: I really recommend this AND the Croque Monsieur to everyone, so I recommend this to YOU too!)

Here is the Carved Turkey Sandwich. I had a bite. It was really good! I love the fries here because they are definitely just your regular old Disney fries! They're the best, in my opinion! 

The cupcakes here are literally delicious and fancy. This is the Master's Cupcake. I figured I needed a little grey stuff in my life. But there was MORE than a little- there was a TON of it and I believe it even filled the center of the chocolate cake. This did not disappoint. Once again, I want one right now!

I am a huge fan of lemon! This Lemon Meringue Cupcake was really flavorful from the bite I had. I've also had the Strawberry Cupcake in the past and that one is my favorite! It is pink, too, so of course I loved it! ;)

Overall, I highly recommend Be Our Guest for a rich, filling, and royal lunch! I'm looking forward to having dinner here in the future, which I'm sure will blow me away. Have you dined in the Beast's Castle? Do you love it like I do? What was your fave thing to eat here? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

Try the Grey Stuff! It REALLY IS DELICIOUS, 
The Pixie Dust Princess


  1. I am so jealous- I've been dying to eat at BOG for lunch (or dinner… but lunch seems more do-able)! That Grey Stuff cupcake looks like the stuff of fantasies!

    1. Hey Becca! Lunch is definitely a great way to start! BOG has really fantastic food and the atmosphere can't be beat! I want that cupcake again right now! :) Hope you get to visit soon!