Thursday, July 18, 2013

So You Miss Disney . . .

I know the feeling. If you are reading this blog, you most likely know the feeling, too. If you're missing Disney right now (like me!) I completely empathize. You either just returned home from the "Most Magical Place on Earth", are simply feeling a little separation anxiety from your "true home", and/or maybe you don't know when the next time you'll be back. Us true Disney fans know "reality world" isn't as fun as "Disney World", but that doesn't mean we can't add a Disney little magic to our everyday lives! The Pixie Dust Princess has 3 magical tips to leave you sprinkled with pixie dust, even when you are far, far away from the magic.

1.) Disney Movie Night
Alright, I know this might seem cliché, but trust me, it totally works. Throw a Disney movie night with your family, friends, or both, and include a few Disney movies (one classic, one current is always a good idea), some popcorn (think Main Street-style ;)), and some candy (confectionary, anyone?)! You can get as creative as you want, with different themes based around favorite characters, or even favorite parks. You'll feel super happy, be able to sing along to all your fave Disney tunes, and just be immersed in some Disney Magic!

2.) Disney Cooking/Baking Days
MMMMM. Disney Food! Doesn't everyone love it? I sure do, and I know at home I start to crave/miss it like crazy! My suggestion is pick up a Disney cookbook or two, or invent a Disney recipe of your own. Senses can really take you back to a place you want, and smell and taste might just transport you back to your happy place.

3.) Book and Plan!
So, I'm aware not everybody can do this, but if you are wishing to be back at "the world", make it happen. Work hard, play hard, right?! So, save some money and then book a trip. I truly think planning is half (ok maybe like a third) of the fun, so get on and plan your next dream vacation!

I hope you've enjoyed these tips, and remember, you can always find a bit of magic and pixie dust in your everyday life- even if you have to create it yourself!

~Have a Magical Day~

The Pixie Dusted Princess

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