Monday, July 22, 2013

Find the Princess or Prince Inside of YOU- part 1

The Pixie Dust Princess wanted to start off this series with a topic that is very special to her. Finding the Princess (or Prince) inside of you. Seems daunting doesn't it? And no, to be a (Pixie Dust Princess certified) Princess, you don't have to be royally born. Yet, if you reach in your heart and mind, you will find that you are a Princess in your own right, and you can own it. You will allow others to see your true self, your quirky attributes, and your heart.
Being a Princess doesn't always mean being perfect, or always making the smartest choices, because even Princesses can make mistakes. It is how we choose to go about serving others, and amending our choices, that leaves a true pixie-dusted mark.
First Tip!
A Princess must find what makes them unique (whether it be a trait, hobby, or goal). Then, the Princess must stick to them. Let's think about it in terms of some Disney Princesses, shall we? Belle thoroughly enjoyed learning and reading, and didn't let self-obsessed Gaston get in her way of doing what she excelled at. Us Princesses must stand up for ourselves, and only that way, can we stand up for others. Belle (because she was so informed as a person) was able to help her father, and the Beast, and all the magic objects of Beast's castle. Belle is my favorite Princess because she is strong, smart, and kind. Three ideals for any Princess of any age. When you find what makes you unique, you can begin to unleash that sparkly, smart Princess inside of you. You will be able to have something a little different that you can feel wonderful about, and that is what is so beautiful about YOU!
I will be continuing this series, Finding the Princess Inside of YOU, for the next few Mondays, bringing more ideals to strive for, and more "real" Disney Princess examples into the picture.

Remember to Find what makes you UNIQUE,
The Pixie Dust Princess

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