Monday, July 29, 2013

Finding the Princess Inside of YOU- part 2

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, full of fun and relaxation, but now Monday is here. Don't fear, because the Pixie Dust Princess is here with another installment of Finding the Princess inside of YOU! The topic for the rest of the summer is Finding the Princess Inside of You, and today we will be discussing how to use your uniqueness to better yourself and others. Last week, we talked about how to find what makes you unique, but now we must talk about how to utilize those special talents while not letting others bring us down.
Second Tip!
A Princess must use what makes them unique and totally special to their advantage- to better themselves, but more importantly, others. Cinderella knew she was a caring, loving individual, but she used her nurturing ability to take care of all the adorable critters in her home, and eventually, her Prince! Now, once one finds a way to use even the seemingly tiniest talents (trust me, they are all important, no matter how big or small), they must not let others try to dull their talent, or bring them down because of it. We are all born with something special- a beautiful singing voice, a unique connection to animals or children, etc. These talents can sometimes spark jealousy in others. Now, we all know a true princess tries her hardest not to get jealous, as that is an ugly trait that is definitely not filled with pixie dust and positivity. Yet, not everyone can be a Princess or Prince, and it is how we deal with those *ugly stepsisters* in life that makes us even stronger, more independent, and more intelligent. Cinderella never compromised her kindness and good heart because of her truly horrendous stepsisters. A true Princess learns to be strong, and doesn't let any insignificant person stand in the way of their dreams, aspirations, and goals. Stay Strong, Pixie Dust Princesses and Princes, and let your light shine!

Check back next Monday for another installment of Finding the Princess Inside of YOU, and check back later this week for more pixie dust filled fun!

The Pixie Dust Princess

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