Monday, August 5, 2013

Finding the Princess Inside of YOU (pt. 3)

For the final installment of the Finding the Princess Inside of YOU series, I decided to compile a list of ten attributes that every princess should have. Spend some time this week checking which you already have, which you need to work on, and which you wish to discover within yourself.

Perfect Princess List of Attributes
1. Must be Selfless
2. Must be a Good Listener
3. Must have a Greater Purpose in Life
4. Must have a Kind Heart
5. Must Care for Family, Friends, and all Living Creatures
6. Must Care for Themselves
7. Must be able to Communicate with Others
8. Must have Grace and Poise
9. Must have Patience and Determination 
10. Must ALWAYS Have a Special Stash of Pixie Dust ;)
Stay Beautiful Princesses,
The Pixie Dust Princess

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