Monday, August 12, 2013

Disney Snacks: Hollywood Studios Edition

As promised, I am back with the next installment of my Disney snack series! Yay! So, I will be posting my top 5 snack choices from Hollywood Studios, or as I still lovingly refer to it, MGM ;)! Without further ado, here are the best of the best treats fit for a star!
1.) Butterfinger Cupcake
Starring Rolls Café
What better way to wake up then a nice dose of pure sugary goodness? This cupcake is my go-to for any time of the day. Close runners up are the red velvet, and basically any other cupcake here! Pure deliciousness!
2.) PB & J Shake
50's Primetime Café
All I can say is you HAVE TO TRUST ME on this one. It may sound kind of gross, but this shake is heaven in a glass. YUM. Also, you don't need to have a ressie here to get this delish drink. Just snag a spot at the Tune-In Lounge! :)
3.) Chocolate Chip Cookie
Writer's Stop
Now this may seem too basic, but who doesn't love a nice yummy choco chipper? I sure do and this one hits the spot every time. The ambiance is adorable, so sit back relax and enjoy with a nice latte ;)! 
4.) Frozen Coke
Peevy's Frozen Concoctions
On a warm summer day, this frozen, frothy delight just hits the spot. The classic taste cannot be beat!
5.) Cappuccino Cupcake
Pizza Planet
Moist cake, coffee, and chocolate- I'm there. And this never disappoints. Grab one after pizza, or on it's own!
Now tell me, what is YOUR favorite snack fit for all the glitz and glamor of the stars (AKA YOU ;)) of Hollywood Studios?
The Pixie Dust Princess

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  1. Judy Stoks9/25/2013

    I read about how you loved the cupcakes at Disney and I really wanted to try one when I was there but just couldn't bring myself to have one for breakfast. I chose a fruit tart instead and it was so good! I will be back to try a cupcake some day!