Friday, August 23, 2013

A Pinch of Positivity ~Creativity~

When I first created this blog, I decided that I didn't only wish for it to be a place Disney fans could receive the latest Disney news and creative tips, but a place to share inspiration and positivity. That's why today I am making it a goal for myself to write a "A Pinch of Positivity" post at least once a week. Us Disney fans have a lot in common- not only a love and passion for a creation that is so fantastic, but also many of us share inspiration to create, to be unique and to be ourselves in a world that needs the beautiful talents of special people. 

For today's pinch of positivity, I wanted to remind you that you can always create something new. This remarkable ability is a beautiful gift we were all blessed with, because no matter how big or small this creation is, it will make a difference. Whether it be only you that see this creation, or your family, friends, or even a wide base of admirers, it has the ability to influence more creativity (even if it within yourself!). 

I know when I started this blog, I had been inspired by other Disney and positivity- based blogs, and I had always wanted to begin my own blogging endeavor. This summer I finally put my love of writing, Disney, and positivity to the test. I truly hope with all my heart that just one person has been inspired to do something a little more creative in their lives after reading any of my blog posts. That's the great thing about creativity: once you have enough passion, you can always spark a little (or a lot!) of passion within another. 

Maybe a reader has tested out a few Beautifully Disney makeup products, or has decided to go on a new snack hunt in one of the Disney parks. Each of these small activities can create so much wonder in ourselves that can lead to more creativity and pure fun. 

I know sometimes people can take this "inspiration borrowing" as copying, yet I do believe imitation is the largest form of flattery. I know it takes a while to take in this concept and fully appreciate it, but just think; if you are inspiring others to do something the same or similar to what you do, doesn't that mean you've created something so enticing that others just need a bit of your creativity and passion in their lives?

The world needs more passionate human beings, and passion begets creativity and creativity begets passion. It is a beautiful cycle that leads to more discoveries, happiness, laughter, and hope. 

Now, this weekend, I urge you to create. Maybe you've always wanted to draw- try it, you might like it, or even better, you could see some potential within yourself. Possibly you've been dying to take a spontaneous road trip- you never know what adventures are awaiting you. Try something new, get creative, and remember our pal Figment . . . all it takes it "one little spark"!

Your Créatrice *French for Creator*
The Pixie Dust Princess

*image courtesy of google images*

**p.s. Aren't those WDI imagineers so wonderful that they could create Figment (the cute purple dragon pictured above)? Figment urges visitors at EPCOT daily to use their imagination and create! Thanks, WDI, for inspiring ME <3**

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