Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautifully Disney- A Pixie Dust Princess Review

On my last visit to the World, I knew I needed to pick up at least one item from the Beautifully Disney makeup collection. If you didn't already know, this is a gorgeous Disney brand makeup line including lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow, makeup bags, and more. It features packaging depicting some lovable princesses and despised, yet fascinating villains. I picked up one lip gloss (the Ariel one, named Mysterious Mermaid) from the "Wickedly Beautiful" collection.
I, being a huge makeup lover, have to say I have not been completely satisfied with my purchase. For $14.95 a gloss, they should be of fantastic quality. Sadly, I am not thrilled with the gloss- the color is your basic pinky-coral. I picked this color because I didn't want anything too shiny, (think silver and gold sparkle gloss) or too dark (deep candy apple reds and villainous purples). The color itself is beautiful on my lips- it has a little sparkle (which I love). Yet, the feeling the gloss has on my lips was unexpectedly unpleasant as it was a tad gritty. When I rubbed my lips together, I could feel the sparkle. This reminded me of roll on glitter- but on my lips- ick! I continue to use this product, because I want to get my money's worth and because it is a beautiful color. Also, the sophisticated packaging is very nice and sleek! I just make sure to layer it on top of a lipstick or a decent coating of lip balm, as to protect my lips from the grit of the sparkle. I totally wished for this lip gloss to be held up to my standards, but alas, it fell flat. I hope Disney continues to play around with the formula for these glosses, but in the meantime, I really need to get my hands on those super cute nail polishes.
Also,  I hear Beautifully Disney has recently launched another addition to the line- "Unlock the Spell" which features three of my favorite princesses (Belle, Rapunzel, and Tiana). The Rapunzel lip gloss is calling my name, despite the quality of my Ariel one. Ahhh, what we do for beauty.

Let me know what you think- have you tried anything from the Beautifully Disney collection? How do you think the quality is compared to higher end, or even drugstore brands? Have you tried the nail polishes?

Sprinkles of dust comin’ your way,

The Pixie Dust Princess

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