Saturday, June 22, 2013


When the crowds increase at the Walt Disney World Resort during the summer months, the parks become hotter, sweatier, and therefore, people are more apt to become cranky. Who wants that at the happiest place on earth? Now that the recently refurbished Main Street Bakery has reopened, now featuring delicious Starbucks drinks and tasty snacks, (don’t worry, some of your favorite Disney World specific treats have stayed) summer crowds will be able to beat the heat and find felicity in Frappuccinos! There has been much debate among the Disney fan community about whether this Starbucks is a welcome addition to the Victorian-age Main Street U.S.A. Judging from the pictures online, I do appreciate the old-fashioned feel to the bakery, yet also the modernization of the drink and treat menu. Just the thought of sipping a mocha Frappuccino on Main Street makes me excited for my future trips! If you are not a fan of Starbucks, there are plenty of other places to find coffee/iced drinks around the Magic Kingdom such as Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland and the Chesire CafĂ© in Fantasyland. The main thing I am disappointed about (among many other fans) is the loss of the classic, huge Cinnamon Roll. I am aware that Gaston’s Tavern sells a (quite tasty) version that is a twist on the classic with a maple infused frosting, but I am still a bit upset about the loss of that quintessential Main Street treat. Overall, I do love the idea of Starbucks on Main Street, and The Pixie Dust Princess is  offering open arms as it begins its journey right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.


Please leave a comment below offering your feelings on the Main Street Bakery’s new “addition”  . . .

Sprinkles of dust comin’ your way,

The Pixie Dust Princess

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  1. Judy Stoks9/25/2013

    I tried a Frappuccino and Starbucks for the first time at the Bakery a couple weeks ago. It was so good I had to go back another day to have another one!