Friday, June 6, 2014

Little Things Love

Hi there, Pixie Dusted Pretties! How are you doing?! I truly hope all is well for you. This past week, I've been feeling the best I have in a while. I wanted to compile some different little things (Disney and otherwise) that have had me feeling quite happy and content. 

Top 10 Little Things I've Been Loving!

1.) New Tunes! 
I am definitely a pop hits girl, so I've been loving Neon Trees and Paramore recently! Oh, and Sam Smith. I'm obsessing over him. Check him out!

2. The Downtown Disney Co-op Opening Today
I'm a sucker for Disney merch. Plus, you can buy this FANTASTIC merchandise online. :O 

3. Finding Something Good in EVERY Day!
This one is super easy to do, but lately I've been finding all of my days have just been glorious recently. I've been smiling a lot- hopefully you have too!

4. Beauty and the Beast
This has been one of those weeks where I have been re-OBSESSING over my favorite movie of all time...! Did you all hear about the live-action film in the works? EEP! 

5. New Opportunities
These can be scary- the prospect of something new can be slightly terrifying. Sometimes we just can't get ourselves to think about what our future has in store for us. If you get a cool or crazy opportunity to do something new-try it and you'll probably surprise yourself. Trust me on this one. I know first hand. :)

6. Mickey Shaped Pixie Dust
I used to collect this stuff ALL THE TIME from my Disney trips and Disney Birthday celebrations. Recently, I found a huge bag of it and have been sprinkling it everywhere. Because you wouldn't expect anything less from me! 

7. Being Nice to People Who Aren't So Nice
Oooh, I know this is hard sometimes. Why should I be nice to people who are grumps? Sometimes even they need a bit of sparkle in their lives! If they stay that way, at least you tried! And trust me, you are awesome for staying kind and respectful. 

8. Dark Chocolate Truffles
'Nuff said. 

9. Creative People
I love surrounding myself with people who want to change the world in unique ways. Creative people are so very inspiring to be around. I adore them. Actors. Writers. Artists. Dancers. These people have a mission AND a vision!

10. Sunshine
Today at lunch with some friends, we all remarked about the sunshine was making us feel. The warmth was inviting. It was comforting. This Friday, in particular, the Sun reminded me that I'm very happy with how everything has been going lately. I'm a sunny person, and I'm staying that way!

That is all for now! I hope this got you thinking about your "little things" that put a smile on your face. Make sure to let me know what yours are in the comments! Or tweet me @PrincessofPD! :D

Stay HAPPY, 
The Pixie Dust Princess


  1. We have a lot of "little things" in common, especially that sunshine… unfortunately that one can also come with ridiculous heat! I'm not so much a fan of that aspect :P

    Also, I had no idea that one could purchase Co-Op merchandise online. That is vital (and dangerous) information!

    1. Becca- Awesome!!! Yes, the heat can be BRUTAL! But with a nice breeze... then we're talking haha! And YES, dangerous, but oh so good! Happy shopping :)